Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Music to my ears

Since moving to Brazil I have taken up running, but this week I found myself back to square one after having a break of nearly four months.

In an effort to get motivated I decided that a new workout playlist would be just what the doctor ordered. I really want to get back to running 3k three times a week but right now it seems like a distance and soewhat unreachable goal.

After much research on the net I felt totally uninspired when I found out that the most popular workout song was Eye of the tiger - come on! That would make me burst out laughing, not at all what you need when running - oxygen is already at a premium.

I needed some serious help and input...

It's times like these when networking and social interaction sites like Facebook and Twitter really come into their own. I asked my friends for some suggestions on which tunes to add and what came out was an ecclectic selection that was a mixture of favourite songs, life references and new discoveries. I am still working on my list and I believe that it should be an ever-evolving creation as my boredom threshold is very high and I need all the motivation I can get when it comes to excercise!

My new playlist, with a little help from my friends now looks something like this:

Start Me Up - Rolling Stones

Mina Do Condominio - Seu Jorge

Oh (Plugs Remix) - We Are Band

A Galera - Ivete Sangalo

Without Words - 4hero

Everybody - Martin Solveig

Should I stay or should I go - The Clash

Running up that hill - Kate Bush

Feeling for you - Cassius

Dance - ESG

(You're love keeps lifting me) higher and higher - Jackie Wilson

Put your hands up for Detroit - Fedde Le Grand

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Fame - Irene Cara

Needy Girl - Chromeo

Magic Love - Bent

Donkey Ride - Mr Scruff

You can't turn me away - Sylvia Striplin

Cool out - Leroy Houston

What are your favourite workout tunes?

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