Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fly me to the moon or not

So I've just got back from my round the world honeymoon, which why I've been absent from blogging for a while.

We chose to have a really small wedding and spend on our honeymoon, which I have to say I feel was a very wise option.

By the time I arrived in Maringa, I had taken 17 separate flights, visited innumerable cities in 5 countries spanning 3 continents. Enough bragging...

During this considerable time in the sky I experienced some of the terrible and wonderful ways in which airlines operate. In honour of this I would like to nominate some of those airlines for my special awards, The Mimis.

First nomination is for outstanding service, beautiful cabin crew and the coveted best uniform:
And the winner is...
Singapore Airlines
I can't applaud this airline more for understanding what it means to be part of the service industry. I was so well looked after on all 4 flights that I felt like I had my own personal cabin attendant. Not to mention that the cabin crew are all immaculately presented even after a 12 hour flight and their uniforms are so chic that they could launch their own collection. No surprises that is it regarded as one of the world's best airlines. Three cheers for SA!

Second nomination is for the most over-hyped airline
And the winner is...
Virgin Atlantic
Well let's just say that I don't fly with them that often and now I know why. We had to pay £50 each to sit in the emergency exit row. Fair enough as you get more leg room, the only problem is that if there is a problem they will be relying on you to help. So effectively you are paying them to work for them. Richie B sort it out love!

Third and most talked about award is for most ridiculous rule made by an airline:
And the winner is...
I have been a fan of TAM since discovering them only last year on my first flight to Brazil. They seem to have a fresh, modern approach to air travel. The planes look shiny and new and the food is delicious, no really. So it was to my horror that I discovered this airline was guilty of something akin to racism or selective exclusion, if you like. While checking in, my husband asked if we could sit in the emergency exit row, his seat of choice as he is over 6foot tall. "No", replied the stroppy check-in woman. "Only people whose first language is portuguese can sit in this aisle." CAN YOU IMAGINE?? Just a word of warning if you ever plan to marry a Brazilian and travel on TAM, you won't be able to sit together in the Emergency Exit! I am still awaiting clarification as to why this rule exists. Should I be calling race relations?

As an update I also wanted to post this link from a great article I found online today:


  1. Glad to hear that about Singapore Air. I've heard they are supposed to be one of, if not the, best in the world. We are taking them to Hong Kong from the States so hopefully it will be a great trip.

    I was so impressed with Azul. They beat out TAM and Gol for me with service, plane and even snacks. :)

  2. Hello!

    I think the TAM rule about Portuguese being the first language is related to the fact that if some emergency happens, some accident, the person who is in this aisle is responsible for opening the door, will have to pay atention to the orders of the crew... Well, I don´t know, something like this, I guess it's just a safety rule!