Monday, December 28, 2009

As sweet as Canela

Canela (cinnamon) is a small town west of Gramado.  There a numerous attractions for tourists to visit but my personal favourite is the Parque da Cachoeira - the waterfall park.  We descended 650 steps to see the Cachoeira do Rio Cará which is 8 metres deep.

It was definitely worth it, but we nearly died on the way back up!

Also in the park is a cable car, an obsvervatory, picnic and camping areas and trails.

It is well worth a visit if you love nature or if you just want to relax in an unspoilt landscape.


  1. Hiya !!!! Nice knowing that you are making a blog about things here :)
    XOXO from Brazil !!!!!!!

  2. hmmm... the way you are describing the park around the waterfall, are you not talking about the Caracol waterfall, which is 120 meters high? (at least thats the one with the interminable staiway)