Monday, November 9, 2009

On the street where I live

If you have ever wondered where all the 'Rag 'n' Bone' men went, well they packed up all their things and moved to Brazil. 
Brazilians have street vending down to a fine art.  Whether it's street fairs and markets or cars, carts and bikes driving down residential streets hocking their wares.  Even on the beach it is possible to buy practically everything but the kitchen sink, but I will do a separate blog on that when I am there as it is quite a sight to behold and there are many characters to be captured on film.   
Over the few months that I've been here I've slowly been compiling a list of my favourites, much to the surprise/shock/shame/horror/amusement of my husband and his family.  Naturally they think I am totally mad whenever I hear the familiar cries of whichever street seller happens to be driving by but I have to rush out and click away with my camera. 
My street and many streets in Brazil resemble a latin-american version of the wonderful scene from Oliver's Who will buy?, when all the vendors gather in the square selling milk, roses, strawberries etc. 

Get your brooms...

Orange, juicy oranges...

And my absolute favourite - the saucepan car...

Yes, you did read right, I did say Saucepan car, which I have literally translated from the Portuguese - O Carro da Panela.  This is a car that comes round about once a fortnight to mend saucepans.  I don't expect you to understand but over here pots and pans are really expensive and so people tend to keep them forever - about 20-25 years.  Over this time period they get battered up and dented and this is where the Saucepan Car comes in handy.  This handyman will come round and bash your cookware back into shape and offer a six month guarantee. 

For those who share my fascination I have also captured this wonderful advert on film. Don't judge him by the state of his car though!

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